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Ask a simple question, get stupid answer!!! A quick interview...

Richard B



For those of you who still love your Gemini as much as I do, and want to keep it up to date as possible, even if you have brought a Deep Space, will please to find that there is a great web page by Mark Clements. The "ABW Roll Bar" seems to be an almost essential modification to the Benson Gemini nowadays for all those latest tricks. Obviously some fliers where getting a first hand look at Andy Wardley's Roll Bars at the regular fly-in's at Stoke Park and we all made our own. Mark Clements has further improvements with some other great ideas for you to construct/modify by clicking this link. gem roll bars link and there is more discussion here Fractured Axel Forum Link


The NKC Warm Up and the NKC Kite Party will take place in Denmark. The third event will take place on your own favourite flying field! Yes that's right. All you need is access to a video camera and Internet. Grab your kite bag and a video camera, hook up with your kiting buddies and hit the field. Fly and film the Mini Routine and the Trick Section, upload the video clips to an internet server (www.putfile.com) and submit your entry. You're in! You can read all the details about the NKC Cyberspace Edition on the NKC website: http://nkc.aerialis.no/modules/xt_conteudo/index.php?id=3
You are hereby invited to take part in the NORDIC KITE CHALLENGE Cyberspace Edition! ...and if you happen to be in Denmark in the end of May or mid September, we would love to see you at the real life competitions too!

Best regards Sven A. AERIALIS www.aerialis.com

Tim Benson / Deep Space dEEP SPACE VIDEO

Its not often you get Tim Benson on video, but here's a great video of Tim and the Deep Space in action on his turf, or sand as the case maybe... Videoed by Richard 'Bungle' and hosted on Ed's site Khite.org. [DivX AVI 19MB]


Talking of video, how about another one from Lars of the Benson Twins. Congratulations to Lars for winning 2005 trick party, The site has be revamped and some new video's have been included, although some are quite large, but well worth the download. [MOV 41MB]

Bristol Festival



It was just the perfect day at the Garron's Park fly-in (Southend-on-Sea) organised impromptu by Up 4 Kiting Store, which come to think of it, has just moved into larger premises opposite the Sea Life Centre on the Southend Seafront (We wish them every success). Mainly attended by traction fliers who made the best of the perfect, but light breeze coming across the open farm land from the north, as we did with our Gemini's. So smooth was the breeze, you could place both lines in one hand during a fade... I didn't have a proper camera with me, so I just took a few snaps with my phone camera, not too bad.


Help us update our all new 'Hall of Fame', the old one was getting a bit out of date and with the amount of new fliers coming on the scene over the last couple of years, it was about time for an update. We want you to send in a small image of yourself, with a link if you want one and maybe a bit about yourself... I have seen a few funny pic's of late so I may even add them in myself to everyone the idea.

Virtual Freestyle

We have mentioned this site in the past and I keep meaning to enter myself, but the lack of a digital movie camera doesn't help... But for those of you who don't get to festivals or don't feel you are good enough, here's you change to enter the videos of your flying with novice to expert categories.



Roy Reed has surpassed himself again with some great animations of the new IRBC Competition Figures. Also amongst his other animations is the diagram for the Minigem cross active bridle


New T-shirts (picture soon) should be arriving this week (Fri 26th August) black with white print although we can do other colours if asked. We got a brilliant deal from the Promotional Printing Co in Southend on Sea, who agreed to subsidise the cost in exchange for advertisements on the site. They don't have a website running as yet, but they are willing to print one-off t-shirts as well as everything from mouse mats to mugs...

Everyone who ordered can meet me at Portsmouth festival this weekend coming to collect.


Dustable kite festival form afar

Atelier Kites, Cesium


Cesium leading edge and Dave

I've never been to Dunstable fest before and I cant think why.. what a great setting. Although a small one day festival, it was very well attended by the general public and the usual kiting fraternity. The wind where very light for the day, but this didn't stop me from getting out the newly modified Gemini to find some more Gemini's being flown by Dave (Popeye) and Mark (Jest of Eve) from the FA forums... and then a late arrival Jason (Int. Man of Mystery) which was quite handy, as he had just got out his Atelier Kites, Cesium. Which Dave and I promptly commandeered to test fly along side the festival. First impressions, well constructed, smooth leading edge fittings & Yo-yo stoppers... light handed to trick, a bit twitchy, wrapped up really well and multi Lazy Susan's are a doddle. The only thing which was a little disconcerting was that it wanted to roll up if you gave it the slightest hint of any slack in the light breeze. Maybe we can a review later. Jason certainly put through its paces and did all the latest tricks. All in all a great day out with my family and I'm sure we will come again next year

to boldly go 15/8/05

Deep Space and Andy WardleyThe secrets out!!! After a couple of years of prototypes, the long awaited C-Class goes warp drive in to 'DEEP SPACE' the latest creation from the award-winning design team of Tim Benson and Andy Wardley.  Months of speculation and test flying, (including pilots like myself who where fortunate enough to dabble in some airtime with some of the prototypes) finally ended, with the announcement that the Deep Space has gone into production and will be on sale from the end of August or beginning of September. With only 8 colour combinations, the new Benson Deep Space, will come with integrated leading edges, roll bars, tail weight, and looking at the photos, some first class construction as usual, all retailing at ú180. >>>> CLICK PIC

It has that typical Benson feel and has a very reassuring look and although you can feel the extra weight on the wrists. Along with a new kite, there is a complete revamp of the Benson website and finally congratulations to Tim and Linda who had another addition the the Benson range in the form of Molly weighing in at 9lb 15oz.


It seems that Mullins Kites has closed down, the website is now off-line and I haven't been able to find any postings to why. A great shame as the made some great kites such as the S4 and Area 51 (reviewed on this site), but they also specialised in single line Cody's. Can anyone add anything to this.

AeroStar kites closes

Paul Shirey of Areostar kites in the USA, has announced on his website that he to close his workshops. The makers of the Sano Shape Shifter featured on this site last year, are now taking final orders on their range of kites before closing later this year. I would have loved to try out the Sano SS, but I have never seen one here in the UK.

Brighton review

coming soon


Its been a long time coming, but after some difficulties in sponsorship and especially hosting problems, we are back on-line.  After constant hosting problems last year, I almost gave up on the site, but thanks to sponsorship by SPORTS CORNER, we have full funding for the next year and our own hosting for the site. As before, we will be trying to give all the best links we can find on the World Wide Web. A revamp the 'HALL OF FAME' page is due, so if you would like a your mug shot put in, just send use your pictures via you mobile phone if you like.

Apologies to everyone who sent in snips and stories, unfortunately some of them will be put into storage for a while, but others will see the light of day soon. Lots of the links aren't working yet, so please bare with me over the coming weeks while I get everything ready.

Well the site still isn't quite complete yet, so I'd better get on with it.


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Welcome to the home page of the Mobius Flix Kite Club, created to help inform, instruct and promote friendship between all flyers, clubs etc. throughout the world. Catering for trick and freestyle kite flyers wanting to learn, teach, give and get advice! The web site will list festivals, personal, commercial pages, clubs, kites of course and a whole load more. Everyone is welcome to exchange links or even pages into the web site for the benefit of others. Got something interesting, tell us about it, we all want to know....


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